Attract, Retain, and Reactivate Patients

ActionRun helps dentists improve marketing results by providing cloud-based patient communication services for New, Active, and
Unresponsive Patients. Our communication services go much further than simple email, text, or voice reminder solutions.

Increase Production & Improve Patient Care

Using Clinical Analysis and Intelligent Scheduling
technology, we are able to analyze patient records to:

  • Provide clinical reasons for patients to return to your office for a visit
  • Automate appointment reminders and promotional emails, texts, and voice messages in such a way that patients are not inundated by messages
  • Improve your online reputation with great online reviews right on Google.

Cloud-Based Internet Services

ActionRun is a cloud-based service which integrates with your Patient Management System (PMS) software to automatically analyze patient records and recommend clinical reasons for contacting patients.

All recommended communications are displayed in the web-based
secure portal which you login to and which is customized for your
practice. The portal communication is encrypted and all ActionRun
services are HIPAA compliant.

Explore our Services

Contact us for a short 15-minute overview and demo to see how it works and learn how other dentists have benefited from our services.

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Easy Start-up
  • Easy to setup and configure – typically a 15-minute process
  • No application software to install and update
  • Web-based secure portal for initiating patient communication and tracking activities and results

Personalized Communication

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Active Patients

by reducing no-shows

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Unresponsive Patients

through clinical reactivation


New Patients

with Stellar Reviews
HIPAA Compliant Product