Improve Patient Loyalty Through Intelligent Communication

Automated patient communication is a great idea, but doing it right requires an intelligent and patient friendly solution. With ActionRun’s Active Communication service, your patients will feel in control and your office will be more productive, saving you money and increasing your revenue.

Active Patient Communication

  • Improve dental marketing efforts with personalized promotions & great reviews
  • Avoid inundating patients with redundant messages
  • Leverage social media reviews to improve your online reputation
How It Works

The ActionRun Active Communication service is a cloud-based service which integrates with your Patient Management System (PMS) software to automatically schedule and track patient communication such as appointment reminders, patient reviews, birthdays, and special events.

Easy Start-up
  • Easy to setup and configure – typically a 15-minute process
  • No application software to install and update
  • Web-based secure portal for initiating patient communication and tracking activities and results
The portal communication is encrypted and all ActionRun services are HIPAA compliant.
Complete Patient Communication – The Intelligent Way

All ActionRun services are viewed and managed through the same secure cloud-based internet portal, making it convenient for you and your office to access. Daily use of the ActionRun dashboard and service is one of the most effective ways to improve the marketing of your dental practice to new and existing patients.

“More revenue, more focus on patients, with no additional hassle or headache.”

Dr. John Flucke

ActionRun gets patients in and helps me save money and generate more revenue automatically, with no effort required from my staff.
John Flucke, DDS
DPR Technology Editor
Practice Owner, Lee’s Summit, MO


ActionRun's Features
Free 3-Month Trial

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All recommended communications are displayed in the web-based secure portal which you login to and which is customized for your practice.
You can also initiate phone calls, emails, and text messages to patients and track appointments and activities from the ActionRun portal.
HIPAA Compliant Product