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how the service works
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Why ActionRun™?

There are so many software out there, why use ActionRun™?

  • It works when others don’t. That’s the short answer – because clinically personalized messages work overwhelmingly better than traditional generic communication in getting patients back in your chair.
  • Clinical Reasons. Only ActionRun™ can communicate to your patients using clinical reasons personally relevant to each patient, in a completely automated way.
  • Others – no clinical reasons. Other solutions or services do not incorporate clinically personalized reasons, particularly when there is no treatment plan documented. This leads to the all-too-common ineffective reactivation, and patients remain non-compliant and unresponsive.


By getting your unresponsive and non-compliant patients to come back and performing the procedures they need but didn’t know or take seriously, ActionRun™ offers strong and concrete benefits:

  • Significantly boosts patient health, satisfaction and loyalty
  • Consistently increase your production by 10-15% and typical take-home income by 20-30%
  • High return on investment (ROI)
  • No software or hardware to install or maintain, therefore no headache or hidden costs
  • Completely automated – no extra training or effort required by you or your staff

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a robust recall system. Why do I need ActionRun?


Many dentists who have a robust recall system already in place, including an army of staff diligently calling patients, have benefited greatly from ActionRun. This is because even a robust recall system has its limits – most use generic messages to get patients back. But 20-30% of patients ignore or defy such traditional recall methods. ActionRun uniquely uses personalized clinical reasons to get those unresponsive patients back with a proven track record.

How is it priced and how much does it cost?


Each dental practice has a pool of unresponsive patients, 20-30% on average per ADA. The revenue opportunity to be generated from unresponsive patients is thus proportional to your practice size. The price you would pay each month in order to turn that revenue opportunity into actual production therefore depends ultimately on your practice size. Please contact us for more pricing info.

How do you communicate with my patients? Email? Text? Letters?


Because we communicate clinical information to your patients, these communications are regulated by HIPAA. Only first-class U.S. mail is HIPAA compliant when there is personal clinical information. We therefore communicate with your patients exclusively through letters sent via first-class U.S. mail. This has the added advantage that U.S. mail can reach 100% of your patients while you only have email addresses for some of your patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

HIPAA Compliant Product