Actual Clinical Reactivation Result Reports

Below are actual client reactivation results. These reports are exactly what our clients see and rely on, just with the client name and patient names redacted for privacy.

In these reports, you can see a number of key statistics, including:

  • • How many patients ActionRun has reactivated for each client
  • • How much production ActionRun generated from each reactivated patient
  • • How long the patient had been dormant before reactivation (Visit Gap)

ActionRun is well-known for consistently reactivating long dormant, high-value patients who return and generate significant production the dentist otherwise would not see. It works for dental offices of all sizes in any geography across the country. To get started, risk-free, please contact us.

New results as of 1/10/13

Client Location Practice Size
(Approx annual production)
Additional Production Generated by ActionRun Actual Results Report
Midvale, UT $500,000 $52,458 pdf icon
Centennial, CO $2,100,000 $93,033 pdf icon
Dover, OH $950,000 $114,252 pdf icon
Williston Park, NY $970,000 $134,577 pdf icon
Fairfield, CA $1,000,000 $83,851 pdf icon
Vancouver, WA $2,700,000 $235,501 pdf icon
HIPAA Compliant Product