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Automated Appointment Reminders, Confirmations, and Re-care communication boost your production and quality of care.
John Flucke DDS
I use ActionRun. Great service,
even greater value.
- John Flucke, DDS,
Editor, Dental Products Report

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In this FREE service offer, you can:

  • Make your front desk staff’s lives easy with automation
  • Free up staff time to build patient relationships
  • Do unlimited re-care reminders and appointment confirmations
  • Eliminate no-shows and make $20,000 – $50,000 more every year
  • Save cash: $4000 – $6000 every year over other systems such as DemandForce, SmileReminders, LightHouse and Televox
  • Find your HAPPY patients and build your POSITIVE reputation
What our clients say:
John Flucke, DDS
“More revenue, more focus on patients, with no additional hassle or headache.”

- John Flucke, DDS, Technology Editor,
Dental Practice Owner, Lee’s Summit, MO

Rick Barfield, DDS
“I can’t do without ActionRun! … It is an indispensible part of my practice.”

- Rick Barfield, DDS
1st in Smiles, Plano, TX
Anthony Needham, DDS
“$153,000 in 12 months… ActionRun does what my staff or my recall service cannot and would not do.”

- Anthony Needham, DDS
University Dental, Albany, CA
Irina Ganzha, DDS
“I signed up for ActionRun and got many times my money’s worth within weeks.”
- Irina Ganzha, DDS
North Capitol Dental, San Jose, CA
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See our service in March 2012 issue of DentalTown. ActionRun’s cutting edge service is well published in Dental Economics, DentalTown, Inside Dentistry, and Dental Products Report in 2011 and 2012.

This service is FREE for life. There is no catch. It is ActionRun’s marketing investment.

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