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FREE Analysis: Reactivation Opportunities
Increase production and profits!
The ActionRun FREE Database Analysis will identify specific production opportunities in your unresponsive patient base. Don’t let your unresponsive patients become someone else’s new patients!
Analysis Provides:
Checkmark Total $$ unrealized production opportunity.
Checkmark 10 specific patients to target.
Checkmark Tips for 10-25% additional net profits using clinical communications.
File Cabinet

Our unique Opportunity Finder tool will analyze the patient data in your patient database – your Million Dollar File Cabinet! Find hidden opportunities using the latest clinical analysis technology, even when data available is minimal. You don’t need to have created treatment plans in order for us to find production opportunities.

Sample Analysis Report
Total Unrealized Treatment Opportunity : $1,031,980
Patient Name Last Visit Recare Missed Procedure Needed Unrealized Treatment Opportunity
Mary Jones 18 mo 3 SRP & Replacement Fillings $1,050
Bob Smith 14 mo. 2 Implant $4,500
Sean Casper 26 mo. 4 Crown $2,400
Jessica Meyers 20 mo. 3 Prophy & Exam $95
ActionRun clients have been increasing production and profits with our cloud-based monthly service. Your FREE analysis will give you a headstart on getting these same benefits.
ActionRun Delivers Results for Your Practice

John Flucke, DDS“More revenue, more focus on patients, with no additional hassle or headache.”

In my time using ActionRun, I have seen an increase in number of appointments and revenue generated from my unresponsive patients. ActionRun allows me to focus on treating my patients by giving them clinically relevant reasons to return and have treatments completed.

John Flucke, DDS
DPR Technology Editor, Lecturer, Technology Evangelist
Practice Owner, Lee’s Summit, MO

Rick Barfield, DDS “I can’t do without ActionRun!”

Like most practices, I have many patients who stopped responding to my extensive recall efforts. ActionRun is the only service I’ve seen that sends clinically personalized letters to patients. It works extremely well, with an amazing and concrete return on investment. It helped me recapture these lost patients and got my production up in the very first month of going live. It’s an indispensible part of running my practice.

Rick Barfield, DDS
1st in Smiles, Plano, TX

Anthony Needham, DDS “$153,700 in 12 months!”

I’ve used ActionRun for over a year now. It has brought me over $153,700 by consistently generating at least 15 high-value new appointments each month, from patients I considered lost who were unresponsive to my recall cards, emails and even phone calls. Its dental artificial intelligence sets it apart from others and communicates clinical reasons to my patients and gets them back with uncanny effectiveness. It does what my staff or my recall service cannot and would not do. An added bonus is my patients are a lot more appreciative and loyal because of the personalized clinical information they receive.

Anthony Needham, DDS
University Dental, Albany, CA

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